“Gary provides discreet tailor-made valuation and consultation for a low flat fee”

I offer a complete flat rate package of services to purchasers and builders of coin-laundries. There are three elements to the package:

  1. My “Vital Info Pack” – because coin-laundries are not as easy as they look.
  2. Expert evaluation, financial analysis, and consultation
  3. Legal Services

l. My “Vital Info Pack”: Everything you need to know, including:

HIGHLIGHTS FOR BUILDING OR REBUILDING A LAUNDROMAT: You will be making decisions that you must live with for years to come. The time to get it right is now. This hits the important points as to location, utilities, construction and machinery, including important issues that equipment salespeople and contractors do not mention.

PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM FRAUD: Coin-laundries may appear straight-forward; that is part of their appeal to investors – but they are not transparent. They lend themselves well to both fraud and significant omission.

LAUNDROMAT QUESTIONNAIRE: Gives you the key questions to ask a seller. Ensures you capture complete information on the business.

VALUATION: Addresses the difficult task of placing a value on a coin-laundry.

LEGAL FUNDAMENTALS: Brief, plain English explanation of legal principles involved in the purchase of a coin laundry. The buyer should understand what is legally required of both buyer and seller. Includes an explanation of how to limit personal liability on notes.

OWNER’S GUIDE: Proven suggestions and tips on handling customers; building a really good wash and fold business; equipment, including hot water systems; marketing; energy savings; water and waste-water; supervision of employees; administration; and many other useful and valuable pointers.

MAXIMIZE YIELD: Understand how to maximize return on your investment by significantly reducing capital costs, including: floor space, equipment and fixture expense.

DEALING WITH SELLERS AND BROKERS: Both are focused on one thing: closing the deal and getting their money. Brokers can be a problem for buyers, often using “flypaper” tactics such as the demanding of “good faith” money and “binder” agreements before financial records for the business will be released. I will show you how to deal with them, including a copy of the “Letter of Intent” agreement that I utilize in my legal practice.

WATER BILL ANALYSIS: Explains how to check the seller’s representations as to gross receipts by analyzing the water bills for the business. (Full disclosure: for several reasons water bill analysis has its limitations.)

CONTRACT CLAUSES: I have developed three pages of unique “Purchaser Protection Contract Clauses”. These coin-laundry specific clauses have really improved my clients’ deals. There’s big money in the fine points.

FINANCING: Understand what is important to lenders and how it may apply to the financing of your coin laundry acquisition. Learn how to negotiate for seller financing.

ELECTRONIC “CARD” SYSTEMS VS. “COIN”: Learn why this is a close contest. Understand the advantages and disadvantages to each.

LEASE AWARENESS: Understand those lease terms which a laundromat tenant must avoid.

FAST STUDY GUIDE: Ten point watch-list of problem items and caution signs with a nutshell explanation of each.

My material is not a primer on starting a business- you can get that elsewhere. It jumps right into these topics in a way that is direct and easy to understand. It will protect you, help you understand what is important, and empower you to make good business decisions in this specialized area.
I immediately dispatch my “Vital Info Pack” to all my new clients by email (or fax or U.S. mail, if you request it).

Armed with my material, you will ask the right questions and quickly develop a “baseline” of laundry business knowledge – enabling you to identify those situations with the best investment potential.

II. Expert Consultation: I will provide trustworthy expert professional analysis of either a standing coin laundry or a proposal for new construction.

If you have already selected a business for purchase, you can return the completed “Laundromat Questionnaire” (which is included with my “Vital Info Pack”) together with utility bills. Our study of both will allow for an immediate and informed consultation regarding the business.

If you are considering building a new coin-laundry, first contact one or two laundry equipment distributors in your area. Distributors usually offer “turn key” proposals. A distributor proposal will usually include demographic data, a drawing of the proposed facility, a list of recommended equipment, a “radius” map, and an estimate of construction costs. Distributors work for themselves – not you – and they are primarily interested in selling equipment. You must have an independent expert who is working solely for you review the proposal. Send a copy of the entire proposal to me. I will go over it with you.

III. Legal Services:

This is the age of specialization and the coin-laundry business has legal issues which are both unique and important. In addition to my expert analysis and consultation services, I offer optional direct legal representation (only in N.Y.); or, upon notice from you, I will email a digital copy of my buyer protective “terms of purchase” to the attorney of your choice and provide consultation assistance to said attorney. Typically, lawyers use the same basic buy/sell agreement clauses to transfer any small business – be it a laundromat, card shop, or cigar store, etc. These will protect you from the consequences of the seller’s prior acts, but leave you without protection from several types of fraud that are easy to perpetrate with a coin-laundry. However, my clauses are calculated especially to protect the coin-laundry buyer.

If you are unconvinced as to the necessity for an expert analysis prior to your purchase, consider the following copy of an actual email (typical of unsolicited emails which I receive from time to time) seeking my help:

I read you article on the internet. Last June I bought a laundromat in the San Fernando Valley. It showed to be grossing $18,000 mo. but when I took it over it was actually doing about $12k/mo. A huge broker co. out here sold it to me and committed all kinds of fraud in my opinion and according to my lawyer (a partner in a good firm out here) in doing so. The previous owners are obviously majorly at fault too. Everything from the age of the machines to the sales was listed wrong and a broker in particular ran it all through to make the deal happen. I got married 6 months ago and I can’t tell you how difficult it has been on my life… and even though we have a strong case , I know these cases can be touph to win. CAN YOU HELP US WITH YOUR EXPERTISE? please write back and let me know either way.
{Identifying information withheld}

Although his lawyer got him good legal title to what he agreed to purchase, this unhappy purchaser did not have a lawyer with the specialized knowledge of coin-laundries necessary to protect his client from fraud.

This would not have happened if I was involved. My analysis (informed by my intimate knowledge of the industry) would have identified the fraud well before the deal was signed.

The more astute of my readers will have identified a more fundamental buyer error: trusting the broker.The broker works for the seller (the one who pays him) – not the buyer. Buyers who trust the advice of a business broker are inviting a problem – probably a significant one.

More victim emails, together with brief professional commentary can be viewed here: gary-ruff-victim-emails.

You probably have many questions, but experience dictates that your questions will best be answered by our actual, hands on, evaluation of a particular business or prospective location for a new business.

I share your awareness that the best opportunities require fast action. Please know that as a specialist I am always ready. A coin-laundry analysis takes top priority in my practice, and if you can also apply yourself, a comprehensive determination regarding the business (or prospective new location) will take very little time. In fact, if you fax me the completed questionnaire and the recent utility bills (or the distributor’s proposal) before Noon, Eastern Time, on any business day, I will get back to you, to discuss my opinion with you, before the end of the next business day.

Incidentally, as most of my clients work during business hours, I make myself telephonically available (only for my clients), not only on week-days, but also on Saturdays and week-day evenings. Moreover, I respond to emails within 12 hours (frequently much faster), six days per week.

My “Vital Info Pack” is right to the point- it is a 130 page crash-course in “laundromat” that is designed only to inform you- not to sell you. My job is to assist you to make an informed decision; and if taken in the affirmative, to then help ensure you are getting the benefit of your bargain – and I take it very seriously.

With a little devious creativity, an inferior coin laundry investment can be dressed-up (and frequently is dressed-up) as an extreme opportunity. In any event, after consulting with me, my clients do one of two things: demand considerably better terms or re-direct their attention to a much better deal.

Consider your experience in any business with which you are very familiar. Is it not fair to say there is much more to that business than meets the eye? Can you not also confirm that the fine points are actually the battleground – that it is there that the money is made or lost? The coin-laundry business is no different. The less obvious considerations are both significant and numerous. You must learn how to evaluate before you buy and you must insist upon certain terms of purchase.

The coin laundry business is capital intensive; you must commit considerable sums of money. Good business minds recognize that, weighed against this, my fee is a pittance. In fact, my clients harvest significant multiples of my fee.

If you have NOT yet selected a target coin laundry or prospective location for a new one, you can take delivery of my “Vital Info Pack” now and expert consultation will be automatically reserved until you are ready – regardless of when that is. The “Vital Info Pack” and expert consultation are a package deal. Here’s what the CONSULTATION PACKAGE includes:

First, Gary will send you his “Vital Info Pack” which will inform you of everything you need to know, including:


The “Vital Info Pack” will immediately empower you to identify the good deals and screen-out the bad ones – and the process will significantly improve your knowledge of the coin-laundry business. When you are ready just send in the questionnaire provided, together with the utility bills and Gary will analyze and evaluate your prospective acquisition and report back to you, in discussion format, with his professional opinion. In addition, upon your advice to Gary that you have elected to go ahead with the purchase, together with the name and email for the local attorney of your choice, Gary will both dispatch, to that attorney, in data format (Word or Word Perfect), his COIN LAUNDRY CONTRACT CLAUSES, and he will make himself available to the attorney for any desired telephonic consultation.

Gary’s COIN LAUNDRY CONTRACT CLAUSES are calculated to enable your local attorney (who presumably has no intimate knowledge of laundry machinery, nor other important aspects of a coin-laundry deal) to:

  • ensure significant protection against fraud (a frequent problem) when analyzing gross receipts during a “trial period” of the business;
  • create a specific method and legally binding process to ensure that all machinery is transferred to you in excellent running condition;
  • a realistic and equitable means to transfer “finished work” to you, as the new owner;
  • minimize the possibility of miscommunication or other problems with employees;
  • a little known and very practical device to terminate your personal liability on notes, which is very well suited to the coin-laundry business;
  • reduce your possibilities, as the new owner, of being presented with “nasty surprises”, and other important issues.

Consultation is offered only as a package. The package includes 1) Gary’s “Vital Info Pack” – and “vital” is not an overstatement – this is “must have” information. 2) Up to two hours of professional time for his expert financial analysis, evaluation, and consultation with you. 3) Gary’s collaboration with the attorney or accountant of your choice. The package is $499 and is limited to one laundromat (additional laundromats are $349 each).

If, in his sole discretion, Gary declines to participate in an analysis, he will issue an immediate refund.

Unless the proposal involves a “megastore” it is extremely rare for extra time to be required. Moreover, Gary will extend the time without charge to you in order to reach any issue that was not fully explained in his “Vital Info Pack”.

Offer limited to USA and Canada. THIS IS AN OFFER OF COIN-LAUNDRY ANALYST AND CONSULTANT SERVICES – NOT LEGAL SERVICES. THE ELEMENTS OF AN ATTORNEY CLIENT RELATIONSHIP WILL NOT EXIST. However, direct legal representation by Gary himself is available for the transfer of any business, provided it is located in New York State.

A closing word from Gary:

Many of my new clients have already spent good money for “cookie-cutter” stuff: books, business plans,”reference manuals” (often promoting “guestimate” formulas), or CD’s on the coin-laundry industry – many of which are promoted by blue-sky promises. Yet, each business situation is unique. That’s why savvy buyers wisely spend a few dollars more to go with me. They get a superior package together with impartial professional evaluation, individual attention, and objective advice carefully tailored to the merits of their proposed aquisition.

The seller wants the best price and the broker or salesman the maximum commission…..But my commitment is only to your best interest!

Revisiting Warren Buffett’s observation:

Price is what you pay….value is what you get

Be it stocks or coin-laundries: the first step to making money is to buy value – and as to a coin laundry, I will make certain you do exactly that!

Permit me to add value to your deal! You will enjoy personal and confidential access to a coin-laundry expert – and even after you purchase a laundromat, I’ll be here when you need advice. My Vital Info Pack will be delivered immediately. Study it at your leisure. When you are ready, I will personally evaluate any one business you have selected. Evaluation will include financial analysis and purchaser protection advice specific to laundromats to your local attorney. All this for only $499.

“When you know better, you do better.”

CONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, after full consultation with Gary as to any coin laundry you choose to have analyzed, you purchase it without saving at least 30% off the asking price, Gary will cheerfully refund his consultation fee. Satisfactory proof required. That’s it!! (Inapplicable if coin-laundry is part of a real estate purchase.)

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