Q. Are there good coin-laundries out there?

A. Oh yes! But they are rarely for sale at a fair price.

Q. Why don’t you offer DVD’s?

A. Much too difficult to update. Written material, however, is very easily updated. In fact, I’ve updated mine some 20 times over the last nineteen years.

Q. At what point should I become a client?

A. Prior to attending meetings with sellers or brokers; for if you present as half-learned, you’ll get worked over – that’s just the way the business world is.

Q. I’ve contacted several other “consultants” and it turns out they are usually business brokers. Is this some kind of “bait and switch”….and what exactly, is your opinion of business brokers?

A. Please click here:

Q. Should I consider purchasing a business with identified problems?

A. Perhaps. It depends upon both the nature of the identified problem(s) and the mindset and abilities of the prospective buyer. For example: Are you to be an investor, a speculator, or somewhere between the two? Generally speaking, speculators buy into an identified problem, and investors buy a ready-made significant return on investment. The key is to purchase something that is in harmony with both your mindset and your abilities. Unfortunately, it is very common for an erstwhile investor to belatedly discover that he or she has purchased a problem situation – thus inadvertently becoming both a speculator and a victim who overpaid for what they got.

Q. You deal with a lot of buyers. Have you recognized any recurring characteristics relative to successful speculators as compared to successful investors?

A. Successful speculators seem always to know two things: a very good idea of what they are going to do to improve the business, together with a reasonably accurate approximation of what it will cost. Successful investors, on the other hand, seem never to wear rose colored glasses – that is: they are always (and wisely) alert to risk. In fact, the primary reason people lose money in business ventures is that they fail to identify and/or properly evaluate risk. In fact, some good folk would rather forge ahead with a six or seven figure coin-laundry venture without first paying my very modest fee for a professional analysis of the risks associated with the place.

Q. What do you mean by “risk analysis”?

A. I mean discovering and evaluating where you stand to lose – and unless you are very familiar with the business you intend to buy,  you need an experienced guide.

Q. Do you offer legal representation for the purchasers of other types of business?

A. Yes, I do. Please contact my office for details – and please ask for an explanation as to how you can keep your legal fees to a minimum. Of course, many of the points I make throughout this site are applicable to not only coin-laundries, but to small business ventures in general. My motive is not solely to obtain clients for myself, but also to give back a little by offering some basics that are calculated to discourage credulity in business. Too many people incur considerable financial harm through business ventures gone bad. Such losses lead to lifestyle downgrades which can erode relationships, be disruptive of family life, and even serve as a precursor to divorce In almost every instance of failure, the cause can be summed up in one sentence: Failure to correctly identify and evaluate the risks.

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